New edition of RockHard magazine

features a tribute to one of Nine Lives Entertainment’s founders - Jörg Michael

Hey everybody!

We just got our hands on the brand new issue of RockHard magazine which features a 10 pages special about local Ruhr area musicians and metal bands! We are really excited and more than proud of the fact that among the people the article pays tribute to is one of Nine Live Entertainment’s founders - Jörg Michael Musielak.

Jörg was a member of many renowned Heavy Metal bands, such as Rage, Saxon, Running Wild, Axel Rudi Pell and - of course, Stratovarius for many, many years. Furthermore he participated in almost 100 studio albums and incorporated two successful booking agencies with his business partners. The article feels like a short and very entertaining ride through his long career and manages to spotlight also more or less private stations and events in Jörg’s life.

However, we do not want to reveal too much - the interview with Jörg is absolutely worth reading - so please check it out!!

RockHard Cover