Past Dates

17.07.2018 With Iron Maiden/ Tremonti/The Raven Age Trieste [IT]
24.06.2018 Druso Ranica [IT]
23.06.2018 Piazza Giacomo Matteotti Genova [IT]
16.06.2018 Z-Live Rock Festival 2018 Zamora [ES]
07.11.2017 O2 Academy Islington London [GB]
05.11.2017 Dagda Live Club Borgo Priolo [IT]
04.11.2017 Music Hall Geiselwind [DE]
03.11.2017 Z7 Pratteln [CH]
02.11.2017 Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg [DE]
01.11.2017 Kubana Siegburg [DE]
31.10.2017 Biebob Vosselaar [BE]
29.10.2017 Stage Live Bilbao [ES]
28.10.2017 BUT Madrid [ES]
27.10.2017 Salamandra Barcelona [ES]
25.10.2017 Zona Roveri Music Factory Bologna [IT]
24.10.2017 New Age Club Treviso [IT]
21.10.2017 Klub Nová Prague [CZ]
20.10.2017 Hellraiser Leipzig [DE]
19.10.2017 Beta København [DK]
18.10.2017 Tivoli Bremen [DE]
17.10.2017 Doornrosje Nijmengen [NL]
16.10.2017 Stadthalle Langen Langen [DE]
15.10.2017 Le Petit Bain Paris [FR]
14.10.2017 X Herford [DE]
13.10.2017 Matrix Bochum [DE]
09.09.2017 Metalitalia Festival Milano [IT]
10.07.2016 Havana Music Club Tel Aviv [Israel]
25.06.2016 Metal Lorca Festival Lorca [Spain]
11.03.2016 Shibuya O-East Tokyo [Japan]
10.03.2016 Umeda Club Quattro Osaka [Japan]
08.03.2016 Hall Basket Senayan Jakarta [Indonesia]
06.03.2016 The Wall Music Taipei [Taiwan]
09.02.2016 Circo Volador Mexico City [Mexico]
04. - 08.02.2016 70.000 Tons Of Metal Ft Lauderdale [USA]
13.11.2015 Palatrieste Trieste [Italy]
09.11.2015 Palalottomatica Rome [Italy]
24.07.2015 Festa Dell' Unicorno Firenze [Italy]
23.07.2015 Power Sound Festival Bergamo [Italy]
24.08.2014 Centro de Espectáculos Modelo Ciudad Obregón [Mexico]
23.08.2014 Escena Monterrey [Mexico]
22.08.2014 Plaza Condesa Mexico City [Mexico]
15.08.2014 Rockstad Falun Falun [Sweden]
09.07.2014 Rockharz Festival Ballenstedt [Germany]
29.06.2014 Graspop Metal Meeting Dessel [Belgium]
12.06.2014 Tsutaya O-East Tokyo [Japan]
11.06.2014 Umeda Club Quattro Osaka [Japan]
08.06.2014 Jayla Art Hall Seoul [Korea (South)]
23.04.2014 Tavastia Helsinki [Finland]
21.04.2014 Klubben Stockholm [Sweden]
20.04.2014 Sticky Fingers Gothenburg [Sweden]
19.04.2014 KB Malmö [Sweden]
17.04.2014 Dock´s Hamburg [Germany]
16.04.2014 Löwensaal Nürnberg [Germany]
15.04.2014 Zeche Bochum Bochum [Germany]
13.04.2014 Essigfabrik Cologne [Germany]
12.04.2014 Kaminwerk Memmingen [Germany]
11.04.2014 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg [Germany]
09.04.2014 Le Trabendo Paris [France]
08.04.2014 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
07.04.2014 Transbordeur Lyon [France]
05.04.2014 Sala Totem Villava [Spain]
04.04.2014 Sala Shoko Madrid [Spain]
03.04.2014 Sala Apollo Barcelona [Spain]
01.04.2014 Live Club Milano Milan [Italy]
31.03.2014 Orion Rome [Italy]
29.03.2014 Stage Volume 1 Athens [Greece]
28.03.2014 Block 33 Club Thessaloniki [Greece]
27.03.2014 Hristo Botev Hall Sofia [Bulgaria]
25.03.2014 Club 202 Budapest [Hungary]
24.03.2014 Collosseum Club Ko ice [Slovakia]
22.03.2014 MMC Bratislava [Slovakia]
21.03.2014 Masters of Rock Cafe Zlin [Czech Republic]
20.03.2014 Retro Music Hall Prague [Czech Republic]
22.06.2013 Dokk'em Festival Dokkum [Netherlands]
21.06.2013 R-Mine Festival Tongeren [Belgium]
25.07.2012 Agglutination Metal Festival Chiaromonte [Italy]
30.06.2012 Carioca Club São Paulo [Brazil]
28.06.2012 El Teatro Flores Buenos Aires [Argentina]
26.06.2012 Teatro Caupolican Santiago [Chile]
25.06.2012 Statix Rock & Soccer Antofagasta [Chile]
23.06.2012 Ex Sala 2 Concepcion [Chile]
21.06.2012 Coliseo de la Universidad Quito [Ecuador]
19.06.2012 Peppers Club San Jose [Costa Rica]
16.06.2012 Vive Cuervo Salon Mexico City [Mexico]
15.06.2012 The Grove Anaheim [USA]
14.06.2012 House of Blues San Diego San Diego [USA]
12.06.2012 Slim´s San Francisco [USA]
11.06.2012 Hawthorne Theatre Portland [USA]
10.06.2012 El Corazon Seattle [USA]
08.06.2012 Gothic Theatre Englewood [USA]
06.06.2012 Station 4 St. Paul [USA]
05.06.2012 Mojoes Joliet [USA]
04.06.2012 Altar Bar Pittsburgh [USA]
03.06.2012 Peabody´s Cleveland [USA]
01.06.2012 Mod Club Toronto [Canada]
31.05.2012 Imperial de Quebec Quebec City [Canada]
30.05.2012 Club Soda Montreal [Canada]
29.05.2012 Gramercy Theatre New York [USA]
27.05.2012 The Palladium Worcester [USA]
26.05.2012 Soundstage Baltimore [USA]
25.05.2012 The Trocadero Philadelphia [USA]
19.04.2012 Progresja Warsaw [Poland]
18.04.2012 Kwadrat Krakow [Poland]
17.04.2012 Masters of Rock Cafe Zlin [Czech Republic]
15.04.2012 Szene Vienna Vienna [Austria]
14.04.2012 New Age Treviso [Italy]
13.04.2012 Orion Rome [Italy]
12.04.2012 Estragon Bologna [Italy]
11.04.2012 Live Club Milano Milan [Italy]
09.04.2012 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg [Germany]
08.04.2012 Bataclan Paris [France]
07.04.2012 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
06.04.2012 PPM Festival Mons [Belgium]
04.04.2012 Theatre Barbey Bordeaux [France]
03.04.2012 Salamandra Barcelona [Spain]
02.04.2012 Sala Cats Madrid [Spain]
01.04.2012 Sala Totem Villava [Spain]
12.08.2011 Bloodstock Open Air Catton Hall Derby [United Kingdom]
06.08.2011 Fezen Székesfehérvár [Hungary]
04.08.2011 Wacken Open Air Wacken [Germany]
15.07.2011 Masters of Rock Vizovice [Czech Republic]
11.06.2011 Sweden Rock Festival Sölvesborg [Sweden]
28.02.2011 Alcatraz Milan [Italy]
26.02.2011 Atlantico Rome [Italy]
25.02.2011 Estragon Bologna [Italy]
23.02.2011 Majestic Music Club Bratislava [Slovakia]
22.02.2011 Jumbo Centrum Kosice [Slovakia]
21.02.2011 Mega Club Katowice [Poland]
20.02.2011 Hirsch Nürnberg [Germany]
18.02.2011 Le Coliseum Charleroi Charleroi [Belgium]
17.02.2011 Live Music Hall Cologne [Germany]
16.02.2011 Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg Ludwigsburg [Germany]
15.02.2011 Elysee Montmartre Paris [France]
13.02.2011 Razzmatazz 2 Barcelona [Spain]
12.02.2011 La Riviera Madrid [Spain]
11.02.2011 Rock Star Live Barakaldo [Spain]
09.02.2011 Transbordeur Lyon [France]
08.02.2011 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
09.12.2010 Centro Internacional de Exposiciones Caracas Caracas [Venezuela]
07.12.2010 Coliseo del Colegio Don Bosco La Paz [Bolivia]
05.12.2010 Santana Hall São Paulo [Brazil]
03.12.2010 El Teatro Flores Buenos Aires [Argentina]
02.12.2010 El Teatro Flores Buenos Aires [Argentina]
30.11.2010 Rock & Soccer Stadium Antofagasta [Chile]
29.11.2010 Teatro Caupolican Santiago [Chile]
26.11.2010 Maria Angola Lima [Peru]
24.11.2010 Downtown Majestic Bogota [Colombia]
22.11.2010 Peppers Club San Jose [Costa Rica]
20.11.2010 Circo Volador Mexico City [Mexico]
18.11.2010 Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias Guatemala City [Guatemala]
16.11.2010 CIFCO San Salvador [El Salvador]
13.11.2010 KHS Hall Taipei Taipei [Taiwan]
12.11.2010 WanPing Theatre Shanghai [China]
10.11.2010 Star Live Beijing Beijing [China]
07.11.2010 Tochka Moscow [Russia]
21.04.2002 Elysee Montmartre Paris [France]
20.04.2002 Elysee Montmartre Paris [France]
19.04.2002 La Laiterie Strasbourg [France]
18.04.2002 Georg-Elser-Halle Munich [Germany]
16.04.2002 Live Music Hall Cologne [Germany]
15.04.2002 Hyde Park Osnabrück [Germany]
13.04.2002 Markthalle Hamburg [Germany]
12.04.2002 Hafenbahn Offenbach [Germany]
11.04.2002 Hof Ter Lo Antwerpen [Belgium]
10.04.2002 013 Tilburg Tilburg [Netherlands]
09.04.2002 Turbinenhalle Oberhausen [Germany]
07.04.2002 Transbordeur Lyon [France]
06.04.2002 Razzmatazz 2 Barcelona [Spain]
05.04.2002 Jam Bergara [Spain]
04.04.2002 Aqualung Madrid [Spain]
02.04.2002 Alcatraz Milan [Italy]
01.04.2002 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
31.03.2002 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
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This band set standards for a whole genre: Italian Symphonic Power Metal gods RHAPSODY OF FIRE started their career in the mid 90’s (releasing their first albums under the banner of "Rhapsody"), their debut album "Legendary Tales" (1997) made a huge impact on the scene. The band displayed a mixture that has never been done before: classic Power Metal was combined with baroque/classical elements, huge choirs and orchestrations – a unique sound that gave a new dimension of epic (almost movie/soundtrack-like) feel to the genre and made the band a worldwide fan favorite. The first four albums alone exceeded sales of 1.000.000 copies and put Rhapsody on top of the best-selling and most popular Metal artists worldwide. Due to legal issues the band had to rename from Rhapsody to RHAPSODY OF FIRE in 2003 but continued to release their "Symphonic Epic Hollywood Metal" constantly. In 2012, band leaders and main composers Alex Staropoli and Luca Turilli decided to go separate ways: while Luca founded "Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody" to start a new endeavor even more exploring movie-like sound landscapes - Staropoli, Fabio Lione, Alex Holzwarth, Oliver Holzwarth and new guitarist Roby De Micheli continue with RHAPSODY OF FIRE, and in the more classic and heavy direction that the fans loved so much.

Legendary Years

A legend continues in impressive fashion: Italian symphonic power metal kings RHAPSODY OF FIRE have re-recorded their biggest classic songs of the “Rhapsody” years (1997 - 2002) with enormous effort and a huge result. Mix and mastering were handled by Seeb Levermann (Orden Ogan). 

After announcing their new line-up recently (the addition of new vocalist Giacomo Voli and drummer Manu Lotter), the idea for this special release was in the head of Alex Staropoli a while ago already. So they went on to turn it into reality, which finally resulted in a 75 minutes long album revisiting a selection of songs written and produced during the aforementioned 5 first years of the Rhapsody Era (1997-2002).
14 epic tracks completely re-recorded! All drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals, epic choirs, opera choirs, and numerous classical instruments have been recorded anew.   
“To re-record old historic tracks is not that common among bands because there is probably a lack of self-confidence or because, for some musicians and fans, what is part of the past should not be touched. We do not agree”, Alex Staropoli says.
RHAPSODY OF FIRE are different and absolutely confident to achieve a stunning result. The precision of playing, the new vocal approach of Giacomo, the modern technologies, a careful mix and great mastering give the songs a new incredible sound. Of course everything was done with immense dedication, passion, emotion and respect for these beautiful tracks co-written by Alex Staropoli and the band’s former guitarist Luca Turilli.  „Legendary Years“ will be available as Digipak and & ltd. colored Vinyl.


  • Giacomo Voli - Vocals
  • Alex Staropoli - Keyboards
  • Roberto De Micheli - Guitars
  • Alessandro Sala - Bass
  • Manu Lotter - Drums


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