Lucky number 7

Van Canto announce „Tour Number 7“ for 2018

7 has always been one of the most mythical numbers since ancient times. It is loaded to the brim with all kinds of hidden or obvious cultural, magical and religious meanings.

In some ways, Van Canto as a band have always been very special in an outstanding way, too.
The world’s first and only metal a capella band can look back proudly on a long and glorious career which started in 2007 with their first album A storm to come. Indeed, for the last ten years, Van Canto repeatedly managed to take the hearts of the metal audiences worldwide by storm with their powerful, unique and melodical hero metal songs. No instruments - just voices and a drummer. By now, they have grown a big and very loyal fanbase to which the band feels very attached to.

Nevertheless, when naming their upcoming tour „Number 7“ Van Canto might not have thought of all this. The reasons are more obvious, but not less gorgeous. The band is looking forward to release their 7th studio album in summer 2018. Furthermore, since the departure of their longtime friend and front singer Sly and the introduction of new singers Hagen and Jan Van Canto have 7 members. In fact, when Hagen joined the band, he was introduced as „Voice No 7“ - coming great events cast their shadows before!!

Knowing all this, we are fully convinced that Van Canto’s upcoming „Tour Number 7“ can’t be less than absolutely fabulous. We would like to invite you to be part of the magic and celebrate an unforgettable metal evening with Heavy Metal’s Magnificent Seven!