Past Dates

31.03.2024 ☆ Astra Berlin [DE]
30.03.2024 ★ Astra Berlin [DE]
28.03.2024 ★ Turbinenhalle Oberhausen [DE]
26.03.2024 ☆ Islington Assembly Hall London [GB]
25.03.2024 ★ Islington Assembly Hall London [GB]
23.03.2024 ☆ Bataclan Paris [FR]
22.03.2024 ★ Bataclan Paris [FR]
20.03.2024 ☆ Progresja Warszawa [PL]
19.03.2024 ★ Progresja Warszawa [PL]
08.02.2020 Élysée Montmartre Paris [FR]
07.02.2020 Le Rocher de Palmer Cenon [FR]
05.02.2020 Islington Assembly Hall London [GB]
03.02.2020 A2 Wrocław [PL]
01.02.2020 Astra Kulturhaus Berlin [DE]
31.01.2020 FZW Dortmund [DE]
29.01.2020 Technikum München [DE]
28.01.2020 The Circus Helsinki [FI]
26.01.2020 Aurora Concert Hall Sankt-Peterburg [RU]
25.01.2020 GlavClub Green Concert Moskva [RU]
19.12.2019 El Plaza Condesa Ciudad de México [MX]
17.12.2019 House of Blues Houston Houston [US]
16.12.2019 House of Blues Dallas Dallas [US]
13.12.2019 The Gramercy Theatre New York [US]
11.12.2019 House of Blues Cleveland Cleveland [US]
10.12.2019 House of Blues Chicago Chicago [US]
08.12.2019 Marquis Theater Denver [US]
06.12.2019 Ace of Spades Sacramento [US]
05.12.2019 Regent Theater Los Angeles [US]
19.10.2018 Live Music Hall Sold Out Köln [DE]
18.10.2018 Technikum München [DE]
16.10.2018 Electric Ballroom London [GB]
14.10.2018 Le Trianon Sold Out Paris [FR]
12.10.2018 Progresja Warszawa [PL]
10.10.2018 The Circus Helsinki [FI]
07.10.2018 Red Hall Moscow [RU]
06.10.2018 Aurora Concert Hall Sankt-Peterburg [RU]
25.08.2011 MILK Club Moscow [RU]
23.08.2011 Nosturi --SOLD OUT-- Helsinki [FI]
21.08.2011 Columbia Club Berlin [DE]
20.08.2011 Klub Studio Cracov [PL]
18.08.2011 Club 202 Budapest [HU]
16.08.2011 Velvet Rimini [IT]
13.08.2011 Zeche --SOLD OUT-- Bochum [DE]
12.08.2011 KOKO London [UK]
10.08.2011 Divan du Monde --SOLD OUT-- Paris [FR]
09.08.2011 Divan du Monde --SOLD OUT-- Paris [FR]
07.08.2011 Tivoli Utrecht [NL]
06.08.2011 Wacken Open Air --SOLD OUT-- Wacken [DE]
14.11.2007 The Corporation Sheffield [GB]
12.11.2007 Oxford Carling Academy Oxford [GB]
10.11.2007 Le Zenit Paris [FR]
08.11.2007 Z7 Pratteln [CH]
07.11.2007 Melkweg Amsterdam [NL]
05.11.2007 Tavastia Helsinki [FI]
04.11.2007 Tavastia Helsinki [FI]
02.11.2007 Shepherds Bush Empire London [GB]
15.08.2007 Muffathalle Munich [DE]
12.08.2007 Metal Hammer Festival Katowice [PL]
11.08.2007 M´era Luna Festival Hildesheim [DE]
10.08.2007 Alter Schlachthof Dresden [DE]
08.08.2007 VEGA Copenhagen [DK]
07.08.2007 Arenan Stockholm [SE]
05.08.2007 Ankka Rock Festival Vantaa [FI]
04.08.2007 Wacken Open Air Wacken [DE]
02.08.2007 Carling Academy London [GB]
01.08.2007 Carling Academy London [GB]
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With a strong following in Europe and America, this rock band that warrants no categorization, DIR EN GREY, continues to garner attention across the globe.
Since their formation in 1997 followed by their debut outside of Japan, the band has continued to evolve in their sound and visuals but one thing remains carved in stone; their attitude to relentlessly delve deeper into their music. Many trends have come and gone, many songs were put out to be lost among others that hold no meaning but DIR EN GREY survived because of that attitude. It is no question that their creations transcend all genres and borders.

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