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18.04.2019 Backstage Halle München [DE] Tickets
19.04.2019 Nová Chmelnice Praha [CZ] Tickets
20.04.2019 Hellraiser Leipzig [DE] Tickets
21.04.2019 Helvete Metal Club Oberhausen [DE] Tickets
22.04.2019 Spectrum Club Augsburg [DE] Tickets
23.04.2019 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg [DE] Tickets
24.04.2019 De Verlichte Geest Roeselare [DE] Tickets
25.04.2019 Metropool Hengelo [NL] Tickets
27.04.2019 Met-Bar Lenzburg [CH] Tickets
28.04.2019 Dagda Live Club Retorbido [IT] Tickets
02.06.2019 Metalfest Plzeň [CZ] Tickets
14. - 17.08.2019 Sabaton Open Air 2019 Falun [SE] Tickets

Past Dates

17.02.2019 16 TONELADAS | ROCK CLUB València [ES]
16.02.2019 Sala Utopía Zaragoza [ES]
15.02.2019 Urban Rock Concept Vitoria-Gasteiz [ES]
14.02.2019 Sala Silikona Madrid [ES]

Melodic Power Metal at its best with male and female vocals!!!

Frozen Crown is an epic power metal band with female and male vocals, drawing inspiration from early Sonata Arctica and Nightwish, as well as from the most recent European metal acts like Orden Ogan.
Between catchy and epic refrains, melodic guitar riffs and vocal duets on a solid Power Metal basis, the band makes frequent incursions in Classic Heavy Metal (Iced Earth, Iron Maiden), Folk, as well as Melodic Death (early Children of Bodom and Dark Tranquillity), occasionally adding screaming vocals to the ensemble. The use of Keyboards enriches and adds epicness to the songs, without being too invasive for the band's sound, which still remains heavily guitar driven.
The songwriting duties rely on singer, guitarist and keyboard player Federico Mondelli (Be The Wolf), flanked by singer and frontwoman Giada Etro (Ashes You Leave). The rest of the band is formed by 17 years old female guitarist Talia Bellazecca, and by bass player Filippo Zavattari and drummer Alberto Mezzanotte.

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  • Giada "Jade" Etro - lead and backing vocals
  • Federico Mondelli - vocals, guitars, keys
  • Talia Bellazecca - guitar
  • Filippo Zavattari - bass guitar
  • Alberto Mezzanotte - drums

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