Triptykon will headline Decibel Metal & Beer Fest

Further bands confirmed: Baroness, Obituary, Enslaved, Deafheaven, Exhorder and many more

We are honored to reveal that Triptykon will headline day two of Decibel Metal & Beer Fest: Philly at the Fillmore on April 14, 2019. U.S. black metal horde UADA and post-black metal quintet Tombs also join an already-stacked bill featuring Baroness, Deafheaven, Obituary (performing an exclusive Cause of Death set), Enslaved (performing an exclusive Frost set), Exhorder, Deceased, Rosetta, Tomb Mold, Wake, Heavy Temple and Outer Heaven.

Of course, since this is a metal and beer festival, Philly-area craft favorite Broken Goblet Brewing were born to present the weekend’s other vital component.

“We are owned by metal musicians,”

exclaims owner Mike LaCouture.

“It’s in our blood and is a huge part of our history and how we came to be a brewery. Being a big part of the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest allows us to share our passion for beer and heavy music with thousands of metalheads in the area!”

In addition to Broken Goblet (PA), many more of the world’s most metal breweries have been selected to pour at the event.

Please get your tickets here:

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