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13.11.2022 Zeche Bochum Bochum [DE]
12.11.2022 Hademarscher Hof Hanerau-Hademarschen [DE]
11.11.2022 Kulturhaus Stadtgarten Neuruppin [DE]
10.11.2022 Eventhall Airport Obertraubling [DE]
06.11.2022 Mergener Hof Trier [DE]
05.11.2022 TRIANGEL St. Vith [BE]
04.11.2022 Metropool Enschede [NL]
31.10.2022 Im Wizemann Stuttgart [DE]
30.10.2022 Bastard Club Osnabrück [DE]
28.10.2022 Roxy Concerts Flensburg [DE]
27.10.2022 Kulturzentrum Kreuz Fulda [DE]
26.10.2022 Bi Nuu Berlin [DE]
25.10.2022 Hirsch Nürnberg [DE]
23.10.2022 Rock Café Praha [CZ]
22.10.2022 Hype Park Kraków [PL]
21.10.2022 Masters of Rock Cafe Zlín [CZ]
20.10.2022 Barba Negra Track Budapest [HU]
19.10.2022 Randal Club Staré Mesto [SK]
18.10.2022 Z7 Pratteln [CH]
16.10.2022 Backstage Halle München [DE]
15.10.2022 KOMMA Wörgl Wörgl [AT]
14.10.2022 Kubana Siegburg [DE]
13.10.2022 7er Club Mannheim Mannheim [DE]
05.09.2020 Rock in Rautheim Braunschweig [DE]
24.11.2019 Auditorio Interpeñas Zaragoza [ES]
23.11.2019 November Metal Fest Vitoria-Gasteiz [ES]
22.11.2019 Autumn Alive 2019 Vigo [ES]
21.11.2019 Sala Silikona Madrid [ES]
20.11.2019 RCA Club Lisboa [PT]
12.10.2019 Birthday Rocks Günzach [DE]
28.09.2019 Fort Fun Park Bestwig [DE]
07.09.2019 Metal Infusion Herxheim [DE]
17.08.2019 Summer Breeze Dinkelsbühl [DE]
10.08.2019 Leyendas del Rock Villena [ES]
03.08.2019 Metal United Festival Obertraubling [DE]
20.07.2019 Rock Das Ding Open Air Balge [DE]
19.07.2019 Burg Greifenstein Greifenstein [DE]
13.07.2019 Masters Of Rock Vizovice [CZ]
12.07.2019 Escape Wien [AT]
11.07.2019 Bang Your Head Festival Balingen [DE]

Midnight Ghost

The chain of circumstantial evidence is long and speaks for itself: Brainstorm’s new album, Midnight Ghost, is a veritable milestone. There are plenty of reasons for this, starting with the initial compilation of ideas through the meticulous development of the song arrangements and concentrated production at Sebastian ‘Seeb’ Levermann’s (Orden Ogan) Greenman Studios to the atmospheric cover artwork courtesy
of Gyula Havancsak (Accept, Stratovarius). All the cogs have obviously meshed and produced a result that’s bound to delight all power metal fans and has even surprised the five band members themselves. “It’s pretty unusual that musicians still get shivers down their spines when they listen to the new material after a long and energy-sapping production. In this case we can really say that all Brainstorm musicians are total fans of our new recording,” says vocalist Andy B. Franck, adding: “Midnight Ghost is the album we want to be measured by in the future.”

Are there special reasons for this creative avalanche that was kicked off almost two years ago and has now culminated in ten new songs?
Andy B. Franck offers at least a vague explanation, although he can’t elucidate all phenomena on the new album.

“Even during our last tour we started to collect initial ideas, which helped us to infuse the new material with the adrenalin from the shows. Subsequently we invested a lot of time and effort into the development of the tracks and totally focused on the production. We consciously put aside every new number for a couple of weeks to keep the necessary distance. And, last but not least, our collaboration with ‘Seeb’ really struck home. He was not only our producer during the three months’ recording process, he was practically our sixth band member. Seeb helped us to draw on our greatest strengths and take Brainstorm to another level.”

The enthusiasm that oozes through Franck’s explanations also echoes in the songs on Midnight Ghost. Be it the anthemnic opener Devil´s Eye, the driving When Pain Becomes Real or the punchy Haunting Voices. No doubt about it, Brainstorm live up to the term "melodic power metal" and deliver the full range of their typical trademarks: awesome melodies, dynamic grooves and extremely heavy guitar riffs.

“I feel that positive qualities have never featured as clearly as this time. Midnight Ghost is faster, more melodic and at the same time also tougher than all our previous releases,”

reckons Franck, who, together with his team mates Torsten Ihlenfeld, Milan Loncaric (both guitars), Antonio Ieva (bass) and Dieter Bernert (drums), is responsible for this powerful oeuvre. The thoroughly positive impression is rounded off by the powerful Ravenous Minds video clip (Franck: “At the express request a pure performance clip”), a lyric video to support The Pyre and a making-of in Revealing The Darkness.

Talking of ‘darkness’: Although Midnight Ghost is no concept album in the classic sense, there’s a thematic thread: the fear of ghosts, monsters under your bed, the bogeyman in your wardrobe, wild beasts in the night … in other words: fears that many of us have had since childhood. In line with hits, on Jeanne Boulet 1764, Franck sings about strange events that took place in Gévaudan in southern France 250 years ago when around 100 children, adolescents and women were killed by a wild animal.

And last but not least: This time around, Brainstorm don’t compromise when it comes to the whole package: Midnight Ghost will be available on CD, CD/DVD digibook (incl. bonus-DVD Scary Creatures Over Europe 2016, recorded at the LKA Stuttgart), blue vinyl, yellow/blue splatter vinyl and limited-edition box set. So the same motto applies as to the album’s musical substance: Everything you could wish for!

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LUCKY BOB Music Agency GmbH


  • Andy B. Franck - vocals
  • Torsten Ihlenfeld - guitars
  • Milan Loncaric - guitars
  • Andreas Armbruster - bass
  • Dieter Bernert - drums


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