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24.11.2021 Sala Bóveda Barcelona [ES] Tickets
25.11.2021 Sala Rockville Madrid [ES] Tickets
26.11.2021 Urban Rock Concept Vitoria-Gasteiz [ES] Tickets
27.11.2021 Porta Caeli Valladolid [ES] Tickets
28.11.2021 Sala MasterClub Vigo [ES] Tickets
26.01.2022 Barba Negra Track Budapest [HU] Tickets
27.01.2022 Rockhouse Salzburg [AT] Tickets
28.01.2022 Rockclub Nordbayern Selb [DE] Tickets
29.01.2022 Club Zentral Stuttgart [DE] Tickets
30.01.2022 Garage Saarbrucken [DE] Tickets
31.01.2022 Z7 Pratteln [CH] Tickets
01.02.2022 Cirque Electrique Paris [FR] Tickets
02.02.2022 South of Heaven Bilzen [BE] Tickets
03.02.2022 Tivoli Bremen [DE] Tickets
04.02.2022 Little Devil Tilburg [NL] Tickets
05.02.2022 Sojus 7 Monheim [DE] Tickets
06.02.2022 Rockpalast (Matrix) Bochum [DE] Tickets
08.02.2022 MarX (Markthalle Hamburg) Hamburg [DE] Tickets
09.02.2022 Nachtleben Frankfurt am Main [DE] Tickets
10.02.2022 Privatclub Berlin [DE] Tickets
11.02.2022 Nová Chmelnice Praha [CZ] Tickets
12.02.2022 Hellraiser Leipzig [DE] Tickets
13.02.2022 Backstage Halle München [DE] Tickets

Past Dates

23.02.2020 Huxleys Neue Welt Sold Out Berlin [DE]
22.02.2020 Gasometer Wien [AT]
21.02.2020 Orpheum Graz [AT]
20.02.2020 Barba Negra Track Budapest [HU]
19.02.2020 Studio Kraków [PL]
18.02.2020 Progresja Warszawa [PL]
16.02.2020 Z7 Sold Out Pratteln [CH]
15.02.2020 MHPArena Ludwigsburg [DE]
14.02.2020 Brose Arena Bamberg [DE]
13.02.2020 Forum Karlín Prague [CZ]
12.02.2020 WERK 2 Leipzig [DE]
11.02.2020 Stadthalle Langen Langen [DE]
09.02.2020 Live Club Milano [IT]
08.02.2020 AllKart Halle Kaufbeuren [DE]
07.02.2020 TonHalle München Sold Out München [DE]
06.02.2020 Garage Saarbrucken [DE]
05.02.2020 TRIX Antwerpen [BE]
03.02.2020 Doornrosje Nijmengen [NL]
02.02.2020 Turbinenhalle Oberhausen [DE]
01.02.2020 Hyde Park Osnabrück [DE]
31.01.2020 Sporthalle Hamburg Hamburg [DE]
30.01.2020 Aladin Bremen [DE]
01.10.2017 Viper Room Wien [AT]
30.09.2017 Nuke Club Berlin [DE]
29.09.2017 Club Zentral Stuttgart [DE]
28.09.2017 Helvete Metal Club Oberhausen [DE]
27.09.2017 Markthalle Hamburg [DE]
26.09.2017 Café Central Weinheim [DE]
24.09.2017 Dürer Kert Budapest [HU]
23.09.2017 Masters of Rock Cafe Zlín [CZ]
22.09.2017 Backstage Halle München [DE]
21.09.2017 Werk 21 Zürich [CH]
20.09.2017 Rockhouse Salzburg [AT]
19.09.2017 Legend 54 Milano [IT]
17.09.2017 Le Rat's Puget-sur-Argens [FR]
16.09.2017 Razz 3 Barcelona [ES]
15.09.2017 Caracol Madrid [ES]
14.09.2017 Le Ferrailleur Nantes [FR]
12.09.2017 Underworld Camden London [GB]
10.09.2017 Sojus 7 Monheim [DE]
09.09.2017 Bosuil Weert [NL]
08.09.2017 Olensfest Olen [BE]
07.09.2017 Hirsch Nürnberg [DE]
11.08.2017 Leyendas del Rock Villena [ES]
05.07.2017 Rock Harz Festival Ballenstedt [DE]
03.06.2017 Metalfest Open Air Pilsen [CZ]
07.10.2016 Klub Nova Chmelnice Prague [Czech Republic]
05.10.2016 Backstage Munich [Germany]
04.10.2016 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
03.10.2016 La Boule Noir Paris [France]
02.10.2016 Oefenbunker Landgraf [Netherlands]
01.10.2016 Sojus 7 Monheim am Rhein [Germany]
30.09.2016 Musik & Frieden Berlin [Germany]
29.09.2016 Marx Hamburg [Germany]
28.09.2016 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg [Germany]
27.09.2016 Hirsch Nürnberg [Germany]
25.09.2016 Dürer Kert Budapest [Hungary]
24.09.2016 Runen der Nacht Vorchdorf [Austria]
23.09.2016 Explosiv Graz [Austria]
22.09.2016 Viper Room Vienna [Austria]
10.09.2016 ProgPower Festival Atlanta [USA]
28.03. - 03.04.2016 Full Metal Mountain Tröpolach [Austria]
12.12.2015 Klubben Stockholm [Sweden]
11.12.2015 Musikens Hus Gothenburg [Sweden]
09.12.2015 013 Tilburg Tilburg [Netherlands]
08.12.2015 O2 Islington Academy London [United Kingdom]
06.12.2015 Biebob Vosselaar [Belgium]
05.12.2015 Le Trabendo Paris [France]
04.12.2015 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg [Germany]
27.11.2015 Kaminwerk Memmingen [Germany]
25.11.2015 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
24.11.2015 Ninkasi Kao Lyon [France]
22.11.2015 Razzmatazz Barcelona [Spain]
21.11.2015 San Miguel Madrid [Spain]
20.11.2015 Gamma Murcia [Spain]
18.11.2015 Custom Sevilla [Spain]
17.11.2015 Paradis Garaje Lisbon [Portugal]
15.11.2015 Hard Club Porto [Portugal]
14.11.2015 Capitol Santiago de Compostela Santiago de Compostela [Spain]
13.11.2015 Sala Totem Villava [Spain]
10.11.2015 Explosiv Graz [Austria]
08.11.2015 Club 202 Budapest [Hungary]
07.11.2015 Sports Hall Lucenec Lucenec [Slovakia]
03.11.2015 Backstage Munich [Germany]
01.11.2015 Zeche Bochum Bochum [Germany]
31.10.2015 C Club Berlin [Germany]
30.10.2015 Markthalle Hamburg [Germany]
28.10.2015 Pumpwerk Wilhelmshaven [Germany]
07.08.2015 Rockfels St. Goarshausen [Germany]
01.08.2015 Ruedas de Metal Barcelona [Spain]
24.07.2015 Summernights Open Air Pratteln [Switzerland]
10.07.2015 Masters of Rock Vizovice [Czech Republic]
08.07.2015 Rockharz Festival Ballenstedt [Germany]
02.07.2015 Markthalle Hamburg [Germany]
01.07.2015 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg [Germany]
27.06.2015 Rock Am Härtsfeldsee Dischingen [Germany]
14.02.2015 Wartenberg Oval Fulda [Germany]
13.02.2015 Markthalle Hamburg [Germany]
12.02.2015 Huxley´s Neue Welt Berlin [Germany]
10.02.2015 Arena Vienna Vienna [Austria]
09.02.2015 PPC Graz [Austria]
07.02.2015 Brose Arena Bamberg [Germany]
06.02.2015 Meet Factory Prague Prague [Czech Republic]
05.02.2015 Garage Saarbrücken [Germany]
04.02.2015 Stadthalle Langen Langen [Germany]
03.02.2015 Le Trabendo Paris [France]
01.02.2015 Kafe Antzokia Bilbao [Spain]
31.01.2015 Shoko Madrid [Spain]
30.01.2015 Razzmatazz 2 Barcelona [Spain]
29.01.2015 Ninkasi Kao Lyon [France]
28.01.2015 Live Club Milano Milan [Italy]
26.01.2015 Backstage Munich [Germany]
25.01.2015 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
24.01.2015 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
23.01.2015 All-Karthalle Allgäu Event Center Kaufbeuren [Germany]
22.01.2015 LKA Longhorn Stuttgart [Germany]
20.01.2015 Trix Antwerpen [Belgium]
19.01.2015 013 Tilburg Tilburg [Netherlands]
18.01.2015 Essigfabrik Cologne [Germany]
17.01.2015 Turbinenhalle Oberhausen [Germany]
16.01.2015 Aladin Bremen [Germany]
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It all happened on a sunny 23rd of August in Spain, when Roland Grapow (ex- Helloween, Masterplan) and Mario Lochert (Emergency Gate, ex - Visions of Atlantis) had a conversation backstage over a cool beverage, talking music business – you know, what musicians usually do.

For quite a while, Mario had had the idea of bringing together 6 musical masterminds to form a band floating around his head.
After a few initial concerns about igniting various conflicts when getting together in that configuration, eventually Mario was able to convince Roland of his intentions.

Back in Munich, Mario immediately contacted his friend of many years, Thomen Stauch (ex- Blind Guardian, Savage Circus), telling him about his idea. Thomen was sold and joined the bunch right away.
After that, Jan Vacik (ex- Dreamscape) and Dominik Sebastian (Edenbridge) were quick to agree to a collaboration, too. With that, a new band was born, consisting of five highly motivated musicians!

Initially, it turned out to be quite a task to bring these full-time musical workaholics together in one studio at the same time. However, against all odds, they got together on short notice in January 2014.
Needless to say, when they arrived at the "Dreamsound Studios" Munich, none of the blokes had any idea yet where exactly their musical venture would take them.

After a long night, accompanied with numerous anecdotes from the world of music and a solid amount of beers (which, of course, were just "meant to keep the vocal cords smooth"), the band started the songwriting phase!
Everyone was on the same wavelength, as if they had been working together in this configuration for decades.
The fact that they were able to collectively write songs, without any pressures and in an awesome environment, gave wings to these 5 maniacal musicians and got their juices flowing to create something outstanding.
Everyone was literally bubbling with ideas and as soon as 7 days later, they had written eight roughly structured songs, building a foundation for a powerful and melodic Power Metal record!

Yet what good can awesome songs do without a voice to carry them? After a few considerations as to a fitting singer for the band, the newly formed group contacted the US-based Swedish expat "Urban breed" (ex-Tad Morose, ex- Bloodbound, Trail of Murder). After exchanging just a few emails and samples, the answer was loud and clear: "Ok, I’m in, if you really want it!"
After a short wait, he submitted his first song ideas which fit in with the existing songs seamlessly.

After the first album 'As Daylight Breaks' was released in January 2015, Serious Black played two big tours with Hammerfall and Gamma Ray and many other shows and festivals and earned a lot of success. Unfortunatelly Thomen Stauch (Drums) and Roland Grapow (Guitar) left the band for personal and health reasons. These two great guys were replaced also by two great guys: Bob Katsionis / Firewind, Outloud (Guitar) and Alex Holzwarth / Rhapsody of Fire (Drums). So the new powerful and stable lineup is complete.

In September 2016 the second album 'MIRRORWOLRD' was released, which is again full packed with great songs and hits. At the end of September the band will start their first headliner-tour through Europe!


  • Urban Breed - Vocals
  • Bob Katsionis - Guitars
  • Dominik Sebastian - Guitars
  • Jan Vacik - Keyboards
  • Mario Lochert - Bass
  • Alex Holzwarth - Drums


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