Past Dates

16.11.2014 Luynes / Korigan Marseille [France]
15.11.2014 Le Scarabée Chambéry [France]
14.11.2014 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
13.11.2014 Aera Vienna [Austria]
12.11.2014 Dürer Kert Budapest [Hungary]
11.11.2014 Randal Club Bratislava [Slovakia]
10.11.2014 Klub Nova Chmelnice Prague [Czech Republic]
09.11.2014 Rockfabrik Nürnberg/Resi Nürnberg [Germany]
08.11.2014 Helvete Oberhausen [Germany]
07.11.2014 F Haus Jena [Germany]
06.11.2014 MTC Club Cologne [Germany]
05.11.2014 Spectrum Augsburg Augsburg [Germany]
04.11.2014 Schlachthof Wiesbaden Wiesbaden [Germany]
03.11.2014 Knust Hamburg [Germany]
02.11.2014 K17 Berlin [Germany]
01.11.2014 De Steen Kerkrade [Netherlands]
31.10.2014 Theaterfabrik Leipzig Leipzig [Germany]
17.10.2014 Kubana Live Club Siegburg [Germany]
26.06.2014 Basinfirefest Plzen [Czech Republic]
09.10.2013 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg [Germany]
07.10.2013 Le Divan Du Monde Paris [France]
06.10.2013 Biebob Vosselaar [Belgium]
05.10.2013 Rocktemple Kerkrade [Netherlands]
04.10.2013 De Pul Uden [Netherlands]
03.10.2013 Matrix Bochum Bochum [Germany]
02.10.2013 Warehouse Hamburg Hamburg [Germany]
01.10.2013 C Club Berlin [Germany]
05. - 08.06.2013 Burning Sea Festival Zadar [Croatia]
25.05.2013 Rocknacht Tennwil [Switzerland]
10.05.2013 Saarbangers Festival Schiffweiler [Germany]
11.02.2013 Live House Tokyo Tokyo [Japan]
10.02.2013 Live House Nagoya Nagoya [Japan]
09.02.2013 Live House Osaka Osaka [Japan]

JADED HEART have become a top-class German hard rock institution since the band came into existence 23 years ago. They turned into a German/ Swedish formation when they were joined by singer Johan Fahlberg and guitarist Peter Östros in 2005 and in 2006 respectively. In spring 2014 the band announced the departure of drummer Axel Kruse, who was replaced by Bodo Stricker (ex- Callejon). In addition, the band recruited their live guitarist Masahiro Eto. With all these years and the line-up changes behind them, JADED HEART are now going stronger than ever!

Their critically acclaimed 10th album Common Destiny appeared in spring 2012 followed by much touring, including acting as support for Axel Rudi Pell and a short tour in Japan with Kissin’ Dynamite and At Vance in early 2013. The band released the CD/ DVD Live In Cologne in late 2013. After a successful European tour with Masterplan, JADED HEART further rocked a stage at the Czech’s Basinfire festival in summer 2014; all of this activity led up to the release of their 11th full-length, Fight The System that September, followed by the Wacken Roadshows in Europe.

During a Spain tour and summer festival appearances including the Sweden’s Väsby Rock Festival, JADED HEART started demoing new songs and entered the Performance Studio in Frankfurt in November 2015. In spring 2016, JADED HEART returned with their 12th full-length CD Guilty By Design. Included here are their new live hymn "No Reason", up-tempo head-bangers "Godforsaken" and "Torn And Scarred", a catchy and memorable "Remembering", the band’s heaviest to date "Salvation", an epic "This Is The End", and a driving R&R number "So Help Me God"... From head to toe, this album is a melodic metal masterpiece full of energy, emotion and attitude!


  • Johan Fahlberg - Vocals
  • Peter Östros - Guitars
  • Masahiro Eto - Guitars
  • Michael Müller - Bass
  • Bodo Stricker - Drums


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